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Kurzeme district (Kurland)

Engure, Rinda, Irbe, Abava, Venta, Imula, Amula, Riežupe and other rivers.

Vidzeme district

Salaca, Svētupe, Gauja, Amata, Brasla, Aģe, Pededze, Aiviekste, Ogre, Lielā Jugla, Mazā Jugla and other rivers.

Zemgale district

Mēmele, Susēja, Lielupe, Mūsa.

Latgale district or lake country

Daugava, Dubna, Tartaks, multi-day routes in lake country.


Sea kayaking

Exploring the coastline, our trips to Estonian and Finish island archipelagos. Adriatic sea kayaking tours.

Big canoes

One day trips in Fur-trade "Voyager" style 12-seat canoes on Gauja river in its national park section.



If you are first time in Latvia, then try out our suggested trips. All trips are organized within four regions of Latvia: Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme and Latgale. Most of the trips are serviced by our regional partners which will provide the shuttle service, instructions and support you need. See our trip annotations for details and service packages.


Guide service
Most if not every of the summer time trips are suitable for beginers. Latvian rivers rarely is being classified above category "one", neverheless we can provide you with a qualified guide to teach you paddling basics or guide you through the route providing river knowledge and safety. It might be useful for larger or teanage tourist groups. Call for details.


Latvia. Overview. Travel tips and recommendations to paddlers.


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Damned Happy Canoeing Latvia

Gauja river trip from the forigner's standpoint. Check it out, it's funny!


A month long trip on Latvia's rivers

Everything begun with a need for real cool holidays, on a calm river. (I mean not having to bother about things, and not having to carry the canoe, neither the gears.)

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