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Gauja River Quest 2006

Campo, 07.01.2006

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Amatheur paddling marathon on Gauja river in a 100km long distance.

This is an annual off-season paddling race which is meant for strong and for people who like a personal challenge. We call them "Club 100"! Nevertheless, many more attempt to negotiate this distance and many succeed. So, why not you?


100km long distance will start near the Cesis city and end nearby Carnikava village (see. site map under the link on the right column).


The competition will be hold in a following classes:

1) sea kayaks

2) touring kayaks

3) canoes

4) tandem kayaks (foldable or rigid)

5) 4-man canoes

6) Voyageur (12-man) canoes.


The race will take from 11 to 17 hours to complete according to the results of the race 2005. You could observe the photos from that race too (part 1 and part 2).

In case you find yourself boring into the everyday routine in this fall time, you're welcome to join this event. Take a look at the race rules (on right) and click a button to open the application form.


Later in the season (in September) we'll be offering you a boat rental packages for this race. Mark in your application the checkbox "rentals needed" and we'll contact you before the race.


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