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The 2006 Ultramarathon

Campo, 07.01.2006

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Photo: Episodes from the 2005 race

175km along the Suseja and Memele rivers in 3 days from 30 of June till 2nd of July.

The Ultramarathon is Campo's second wildest paddling event this year after the 200km non-stop marathon race “From Varjag to Greek” on Daugava river in early June.

This three-day 175km race is a part of tradition set up in 2001 by the 225km long marathon race “From Ciecere to the Liiv Coast”. During this three, (nowadays actually 2 and a half) day journey in canoes or kayaks, with carry-overs, time trials, and special task legs, you will use all your skills in trying to win the Latvia's hardest adventure-paddling race.


This event, which will take place only one week after mid-summer, is meant for current and former paddling enthusiasts and other extreme sports fans.


Programme of events

1) start in lake Sauka with prologue distance of 25km;

2) portage between Sauka lake and Dienvidsuseja river 2.5km;

3) competition mix on Dienvidsuseja and Memele rivers, portage of 5km in between;

4) finish in Lielupe, close to Mežotne village.


It is allowed to use advanced adventure race tactics on time trial legs of the race – cutting of the meanders of the river by portaging etc. Start planning your team's best strategy now! Read the rules of the race for details and restrictions.


Our evaluation of the course suggests that you will be spending between 9 and 12 hours on the water every day, so teams must be prepared to survive alone for that whole period. You must take with you everything that you may need for the day (or night), including any special gear, clothing, food, drinking water, matches, first aid kit, etc.


Judging will take place in 5 categories – canoes, tandem kayaks, sea kayaks, touring kayaks and 4-man canoes. Sign up for your adventure now by clicking the button on the right and filling the application form!


Are you ready for this challenge?


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